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Visionary Meals

Our Story
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Our Story

Visionary Meals was founded in 2018 off a family farm in Granville, Ohio, where owner, Josh, grew up. It started as a dream while attending Wittenberg University. Josh played 4 years of college football, winning 3 NCAC Conference Championships. Josh graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology (Criminal Justice concentration) and a minor in Sports Management.

Meal prepping was always a lifestyle that Josh lived, but like so many others, he struggled with finding the time and patience that a task like meal prepping requires. It wasn't long into his college career where committing to this lifestyle became normalized. Due to his athletic career and love for fitness, he understood the importance of proper nutrition and became aware of the growing demand there was for meal prepping. From what started as a few ideas and dreams, turned into a reality very fast.

Today, Visionary Meals has had the opportunity to impact thousands of lives in a very short amount of time. Through its unique business model that utilizes pick up locations and locally-sourced ingredients, Visionary is on pace to lead the industry in meal prep.

But if you know anyone from Team Visionary or if you've been a customer, you will learn fast that we are so much more than a meal prep company. Said best by Josh, “We are not here to sell a product, but a feeling.” Visionary has been built on love, compassion, empathy, and grace. Being a faith-based company, the mission behind the brand has always far surpassed the act of meal prepping. Every day, the mission of this company is to not just offer the best product on the market, but to leave a generational impact for our employees and a top-tier experience for our customers. Because of that, every step, milestone, and achievement has been built from purpose, fueled by passion, to be the best!

Visionary Meals is here because we understand the growing trend and desire to eat healthy, but we also understand that the fast-paced society we live in simply isn't slowing down. We go the extra mile to bring you locally-grown and farm-raised products to not only support our local farms, but to bring you the highest integrity product possible. Go check out the amazingly-curated dishes prepared by our chefs, because as a customer, you can count on that receiving your meals will be the highlight of your week. So come join our family, because your needs are our priority.