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Frequently Asked Questions

What days of the week do you offer pickup & delivery?
Answer:Our pickup & delivery days are Tuesdays & Fridays.
What are your cutoff times for ordering meals?
Answer:For Tuesday pickup/delivery, you will need to place your order by Sunday at 11:59pm EST. For Friday pickup/delivery, you will need to place your order by Wednesday at 11:59pm EST.
What are your pickup locations in Ohio?
Answer:Here is a list of our current pickup locations:
  • Bubbly Hall (New Albany)
  • Power in Motion (New Albany)
  • The 1 Fitness (Gahanna)
  • The Pro's Gym (Downtown)
  • Crossfit Grandview (Grandview)
  • The Armory (Grandview)
  • The Battery Hockey Academy
  • Crossfit Torsion (Newark)
  • Maximum Fitness Center (Newark)
  • Licking County Family YMCA (Newark)
  • Knox Community Hospital (Mount Vernon)
  • Crossfit 1808 (Mount Vernon)
  • Crossfit Veneration (Johnstown)
  • Supzilla Pickerington (Pickerington)
  • Mesh Fitness (Dublin)
  • SNAP Fitness (Dublin)
  • Metro Fitness Hilliard (Hilliard)
  • Self-Made Training Facility SMTF (Hilliard)
  • Metro Fitness Worthington (Worthington)
  • The Battery Hockey Academy (Plain City)
What if I don't have a membership to the gym I'm picking up at?
Answer:You don't need to be a member at any of our locations to pick up your meals there!
Do you currently ship your meals outside of Central Ohio?
Answer:We don't currently, but we're working fast & hard to make this happen for you soon :)
How will I know when my meals have been delivered?
Answer:The night before your delivery day, you will receive a text message with a 2-hour window for delivery. Once your meals have been delivered, you will receive both a text message & an email to let you know they're ready!
Is there a way to give delivery instructions to my apartment/house?
Answer:Yes! You can leave us a note in the 'delivery notes' section at checkout.
What is your VIP Program & how does it work?
Answer:When you sign up for our VIP program, you can order any of our meals & save 25% for only $79.99 / month!
How does auto-ordering work?
Answer:If you would like to set up auto-orders, you can do so during the checkout process, under ‘Delivery Day’. You will then choose whether you want the order to repeat every week or every other week. Once you place your auto-order for the first time, you will be able to edit/cancel your auto-orders up until 3pm on our order cutoff days (Wednesdays & Sundays). If your auto-order contains meals that will no longer be offered for the upcoming date (i.e. at the beginning of the month when our menu changes), your order will be automatically canceled if you do not manually go in to edit meals.
How long will my meals stay good for?
Answer:Your meals will be good to eat for 7 days upon the delivery date (which will also be printed on each meal's label). If you plan to exceed our 7 day mark, our meals will freeze and reheat very well.
Are your meals fresh or frozen?
Answer:Our meals are always fresh, never frozen :)
What's the best way to reheat my meals? Can I freeze them?
Answer:The easiest way we would recommend to heat up your meals is to pop the lid & microwave it for 2 minutes. And yes, our meals are also freezer-friendly!
Are all of your meals gluten-free?
Answer:Yes, all of our meals are 100% gluten-free!
How often does your menu rotate?
Answer:Our menu rotates monthly, offering 10+ new meals each month!
Can I customize the portions of my meals?
Answer:Yes! You are able to customize the protein portion for each meal & for our build-your-own section, you can fully customize your protein, carbs, veggies, & sauces!
Is there a minimum number of meals I need to order?
Answer:Yes, you will need to order at least 5 meals with each order you place (exceptions: gift cards & apparel).
Am I able to swap out any ingredients in the meals?
Answer:No, we do not offer any ingredient swaps for our meals. However, we do offer build-your-owns, where you can fully customize your meals!
Are your containers recyclable?
Answer:Yes! Our containers are 100% recyclable.
Are you able to accommodate me if I have a food allergy?
Answer:Yes! If you do have a food allergy, please text our company number once you place an order, 740-639-5412, and we will ensure your food is prepared properly. If you have Celiac Disease, there's no need to leave a note, as our kitchen is 100% gluten-free :)
Do you offer catering?
Answer:Yes! If you're interested in catering, please send us an email:
What's the process to become an Affiliate for Visionary Meals?
Answer:If you're interested in becoming an Affiliate, you can fill out the inquiry form on our Home Page & we'll be in touch!
What do I do if there's an issue with my order?
Answer:If you experience any issues with your order, please call/text 740-639-5412 or email to get into contact with us!