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Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

Josh LinkJosh Link

Josh Link



Allyah GuttierrezAllyah Guttierrez

Allyah Guttierrez

Executive Chef

Casey LewandowskiCasey Lewandowski

Casey Lewandowski

Director of Operations

Head Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Alexis JonesAlexis Jones

Alexis Jones

Executive Assistant

Event Coordinator

Madi MalinMadi Malin

Madi Malin

Senior Sous Chef

Sam BernhardtSam Bernhardt

Sam Bernhardt

Assistant Nutrition Coach

Bridgett WhiteBridgett White

Bridgett White

Marketing Director

Daniel AbdelsamedDaniel Abdelsamed

Daniel Abdelsamed

Software Engineer

Melisa SniderMelisa Snider

Melisa Snider

Product Delivery Specialist

Robert CressmanRobert Cressman

Robert Cressman

Cleansing Specialist