This Valentine’s Day, get that special someone a gift that they actually want. Did you know that only 32% of women want chocolate for Valentine’s Day?! Do not make the mistake of falling for marketing traps of flowers, chocolate & stuffed animals. This year, help the person you love achieve their goals & become their best self! The gifts below are useful, easy to purchase & will make for a special day. Take our advice & forget the chocolate! Men & women will love the gifts below!

  1. Visionary Meals! We offer a variety of gifts for that special someone. If you want to get something sweet that will not throw your Valentine off their diet, try our energy bites! Customers also love our apparel line & gift cards. You surly will not disappoint this year with these options.
  2. Apple AirPods. Whatever style of training you or your Valentine may love, music always is a great way to add motivation & intensity! If your significant other does not already own a pair of high quality headphones, this would be a perfect gift! They have excellent sound quality, durability & are easy to transport.
  3. Bath Bombs. Give the gift of relaxation this year with a gift set of bath bombs! After a long day at work, a hard training session, a day of physical labor or a mentally exhausting project, a hot bath hits the spot! Soaking in hot water can reduce inflammation, reduce stress & increase your mood. Try making bath time fun!
  4. Yoga Mat. At the gym, it is common to use a yoga mat for various workouts, such as barbell hip thrusts, or stretching & yoga. There is no denying that it can be gross using the same mat that other people have left their sweat & germs on. Why not have your very own yoga mat?!
  5. Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer. Spring Break is right around the corner! If you or a loved one is trying to get beach body ready, adding the Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer to their current routine will help amplify results. The wrap is designed to increase thermogenic activity & sweat!

If you are a last minute shopper, no need to fear! You can order any of your Visionary Meals products here, or all other items referenced are linked & can be purchased via Amazon!

Make this year special & memorable! Do not forget that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating that special someone in your life- not about the gifts. Take time to show those you love gratitude. We hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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