Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard- especially when our schedules are packed full.  There is barely enough time to accomplish your everyday tasks, make it to meetings, be on time for work & get to the gym. Who possibly has the time to prep meals & snacks for the next day?!

The truth is that meal prepping is the secret to success. Have you tried a new diet & failed? Have you gotten to work & gone to a fast food joint because you were limited on time & did not have any other option? If that is you, listen up! We want you to succeed this year with your health goals.

See some our tips for staying on track:

    1. Plan! A saying that sticks with us is, “Fail to plan is a plan to fail.” As hard as it may be to make time to prep the night before, the best way to succeed is to outline your day. Any successful business person has a calendar with their agenda. If you want to be successful with your health, make a food & fitness agenda. Pack your lunchbox with your lunch & all of the snacks you need throughout the day. If you do not have meals prepared, decide in advance what healthy choice you can make instead of opting for unhealthy fast food.
    2. Use Visionary Meals! Do you not have the time to grocery shop, cook, do dishes, portion out meals? We get it- it is exhausting! That is why we are here. We love adding convenience to your life. Simply order your meals for the week & stay on track with zero dishes, hassle or guilt.
    3. Find an accountability partner! Have you noticed that it is easier to stay on track or follow through with any task when you have to report your progress or show your results? We suggest finding a coach to help you with your health goals, such as Adam Atkinson. By having weekly check-ins, you have no choice but to stay accountable & driven!
    4. Keep healthy options in your house– & THROW OUT THE BAD. If you are like us, we give into temptation easily. The best way to avoid indulging in ice cream, chips, candy- whatever your weakness may be- is to make it unavailable. Keep junk food out of your house & only buy foods you feel good about eating. It sounds basic, but it is a great way to avoid guilt & mindless eating.
    5. Treat yourself– Yes, you have our permission! It is so important to not have a restrictive diet. View your health & fitness goals as a lifestyle. You should be able to have balance & enjoying eating out, having dessert, or eating without a plan. The important thing is that you are consistent with your positive choices so that you can fully enjoy ‘cheat meals’ without guilt & without your body regressing. There are many types of diets, and if you follow a diet plan allowing you to track your macronutrients (proteins, fats & carbohydrates), try incorporating Energy Bites into your eating plan to enjoy a sweet treat guilt-free!

Here is a testimony from a customer of Visionary Meals:

“As a wife, daughter, sister, dog mom, friend, employee & business owner, my schedule is full! I am always running from one thing to another, work related or family related. I try my best to balance a social life with my health goals. I strive to be the best I can be at my job, as a daughter, sister, wife, etc. I love pouring my time into relationships, and with a crazy life, I struggled for a long time to find balance achieving my health & fitness goals while also feeling fulfilled in my relationships. My solution? Visionary Meals. I cannot begin to tell you how much time and freedom has been given back to me. I am able to skip grocery shopping, stop meal prepping all day on Sunday, stop eating the SAME THING every day while achieving my goals! I am able to pour my time & heart into my job, relationships &  career goals without feeling that I am sacrificing my health goals. It is a win win! I have been able to share this service with others, and it has been transformational seeing how people can eat healthy food with ease. I am on a mission to be my best self, and Visionary is helping me become just that.”

What meal prep tips do you find the most helpful & how do you overcome obstacles? We want to hear from you!


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