Lauren Ashbaugh, a Visionary Meals sponsored athlete, shares one of her go-to shoulder workouts. She is an experienced bikini competitor & is a trainer at Metro Fitness Worthington, one of Visionary Meals pick-up locations. Looking to get started in the gym? Lauren provides TWO FREE personal training sessions to any member at Metro Fitness Worthington! Connect with Lauren to get your fitness & diet on track. Reach out to her directly on Instagram at handle lovelaurenelizabetth.

Training shoulders is essential to your overall health. Shoulder injuries are so common due to the range of motion being so great. By training your shoulders, you are strengthening the muscles, tendons & ligaments that keep everything in place. You will also experience greater range of motion, coordination & flexibility by regularly training this muscle group.

Summer is right around the corner, which means tank tops & swimsuits! The time to hit the gym is NOW! If you have been crushing it in the gym or you are new to working out, give this shoulder workout a try. It will help you build strength & sculpt your shoulders to be summer-ready!


Lauren's Shoulder Workout:

1) Military Dumbbell Press 4 sets 15 reps
2a) Hammer Curl Press Up 4 sets 15 reps superset with
2b) Mountain Climbers 4 sets 30 reps
3a) Lateral Raise 4 sets 10 reps superset with
3b) Burpees 4 sets 15 reps
4a) Bentover Rows 4 sets 15 reps superset with
4b) Scissor Kicks 4 sets 30 reps
5) Front Raise/ Walk Out Pushup Combo 4 sets 10 reps


Don’t forget, results are a product of a strong diet & training routine! If you have questions about either, we would love to assist! Visionary Meals offers meals that fit your lifestyle by keeping you full, satisfied & kicking your cravings to the curb. We also are partnered with many great athletes who offer fantastic coaching services, & we would love to connect you. Love this workout? Let us know & share! We love hearing from you!



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