Shipping Options

FREE Gym Pick-up

We welcome you our pick-up locations. Our locations are designed to be spread all throughout Central Ohio to offer you the upmost convenience. By utilizing a pick-up location, you fully eliminate the shipping cost. Your meals will be delivered to one of Visionary Meals branded refrigerators, kept cold with your name and order number on it. As you arrive, there are no transactions, you simply walk in, grab your meals and you’re on your way. When checking out, select what location is either closest to you or visited on a weekly basis. After that, you will select what day you would like to receive your meals.

We deliver on Tuesday and Friday. For Tuesday delivery, orders are due Sunday night at midnight. For Friday delivery, orders are due Wednesday night at midnight. Enjoy!

Home Delivery with Reusable Bags

Home delivery just got that much cooler. Introducing to you our bag program. Now, we know you all love our pick-up locations and I mean who doesn’t love FREE delivery. But, if it’s looking like one of those weeks and getting to a pick-up location isn’t in your cards, we have got you covered. This option is designed to save you money from a traditional shipping cost along with reducing our carbon footprint from the use of cardboard boxes. When checking out, for home delivery, purchase your bag one time and it’s yours to keep. The next time you are ready for some more meals, set your bag on your porch, checkout at a reduced rate and we will come stock you up. Important note: Our bags fit 10 meals. If you checkout with more than 10 meals, consider the extra bag needed a gift from us to you. Just don’t forget the next time you order and exceed 10 meals to set both bags out on your porch.

We deliver on Tuesday and Friday. For Tuesday delivery, orders are due Sunday night at midnight. For Friday delivery, orders are due Wednesday night at midnight. Enjoy!

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