We all have experienced the discomfort & struggle of bloating. Bloating can occur from many different things, & here are some of the most common & fixable causes:

-Too much air
-Increased sodium
-Food sensitivities
-Fatty foods
-Excessive fiber
-Eating too much food
-Eating too quickly

Feeling bloated not only causes internal discomfort, but having an extended belly can cause you to feel insecure. We want to share with you our top 5 tricks to fight bloating!

  1. Eliminate Gluten: Many people are gluten intolerant, and this can cause many symptoms such as bloating, cramps & other stomach issues. Not sure if you have a sensitivity? We suggest consulting with your doctor. If you experience bloating after eating items containing gluten, this may be a big indicator of a sensitivity. Not sure how to get started eating a gluten-free diet? No problem! All of our items at Visionary Meals are gluten-free! Give us a try!
  2. Eat or Drink your Greens: Your mom was right when she told you to eat your vegetables! Veggies contain fiber, which is essential to a healthy gut. They also assist with regular bowel movements, which can be a root cause of bloating. Veggies help you feel fuller longer, which is great for those cutting calories. We understand eating enough veggies daily can be challenging- so try consuming a greens powder daily & feel the benefits!
  3. Hydrate: Reducing bloating can be as simple as increasing your water intake. Not sure how much water to drink? Try setting a goal of one gallon per day & you will notice clearer skin, more energy & a decrease in bloating. With over half of our body being water, it is no surprise that water intake is vital. This can help with bloating as it helps flush our system of excessive sodium we may retain.
  4. Move: We all know how beneficial daily exercise is for our overall health, but did you know it can also help with bloating? Movement supports the passage of gas throughout our digestive system. Cardio can especially aid in digestion, so get outside and move! Some stretches, such as the cat-cow yoga pose, can help when bloated.
  5. Supplementation: Though not necessary, supplements help bridge the gap of where we fall short with our nutrition. A probiotic regulates the number & type of bacteria in the gut. This can help solve a number of stomach issues, one being bloating.

We hope that these tips will help with your overall health & wellness. Share your bloating tips with us below!


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