White Wine & Sage Poached Salmon with Lemon-Herb Scented Quinoa


Quaint little bistro…check. Warm summer breeze…check. Crisp white wine…check. Gently poached with notes of Sage & Wine, our Salmon is right at home in a field of Herb & Lemon Scented Quinoa and earthy Asparagus! Prepare yourself for a marriage of flavors steeped in romance & class!



Simple ingredients: Salmon, dry white wine, sage, lemon, salt, quinoa, parsley, asparagus 


4oz Salmon

P: 29.5

F: 14.9

C: 62.6

CAL: 566

6oz Salmon

P: 37.1

F: 19.9

C: 62.6

CAL: 646

8oz Salmon

P: 44.8

F: 24.9

C: 62.6

CAL: 726