Veggie Meatballs


We had to, since were known for our meatballs! Besides, who said plant based couldn’t have its own meatball…or veggie ball. This spaghetti and meatball inspired dish will wow your tastebuds. Our chick pea based meatballs offer so much flavor and will not disappoint.



Simple ingredients: Chickepeas, flax seed, gluten free breadcrumbs, garlic powder, dried parsely, marjoram, salt, basil


4oz Vegball

P: 11.5

F: 3.5

C: 72

CAL: 355

6oz Vegball

P: 13.5

F: 4

C: 78

CAL: 390

8oz Vegball

P: 15.5

F: 4.5

C: 84

CAL: 425