Sushi Bowl


You name it, this team can do it. Bringing you a dish that is so special we’re still unsure how it didn’t end up under our chef specials tab. Enjoy the pickled flavoring on our cucumbers that marinate for hours and the sweet and spicy balance of our fresh salmon.



Simple ingredients: Salmon, jasmine rice, soy sauce, olive oil, chili garlic sauce, lime juice, honey, garlic, mayo, sour cream, sriracha, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, sesame oil, cucumbers, onion 


4oz Salmon

P: 27

F: 22

C: 31

CAL: 430

6oz Salmon

P: 39

F: 27

C: 31

CAL: 523

8oz Salmon

P: 51

F: 32

C: 31

CAL: 616