Stuffed salmon


When biting into this dish, the flavors that radiate off of your pallet gives you a since of comfort. The nutrients just this one dish offers leaves you feeling invincible. As the spinach, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and feta all collide with a piece of salmon you will wish you ordered two. Enjoy this premium chef inspired entree.



Simple ingredients: Salmon, spinach, basil, sun dried tomato, feta, olive oil, brown rice, asparagus 


4oz Salmon

P: 30.7

F: 34

C: 26.8

CAL: 552

6oz Salmon

P: 42

F: 41.3

C: 26.8

CAL: 670

8oz Salmon

P: 53.4

F: 48.7

C: 26.8

CAL: 788