Creamy Coconut and Pumpkin Risotto with Apple and Thyme Chicken


Risotto might be a challenging dish, but we are up for the challenge. We are excited to bring you this festive dish of pumpkin risotto and thyme chicken. This chef special offers so much flavor and goodness you will want to have the family over for dinner. Enjoy this chef special.



Simple ingredients: Chicken, arborio rice, asparagus, yellow onion, garlic, vegan butter, sugar, ground cardamom, nutmeg, garlic powder, fennell, veg stock, pumpkin puree, cocnut cream


4oz Chicken

P: 33

F: 9.6

C: 49

CAL: 327

6oz Chicken

P: 37.5

F: 10

C: 49.1

CAL: 344

8oz Chicken

P: 44

F: 11.6

C: 50

CAL: 427