Chicken Fried Rice

$10.99 $9.34

A traditional chicken fried rice has never tasted so good. We take the flavors you all know and love and put the Visionary Meals touch on it. Bringing you just enough spaz while not getting too crazy. This dish will have all your co-workers asking for a bite. Wait… maybe that’s not a good thing ;). Enjoy!



Simple ingredients: Chicken, carrot, peas, onion, egg, sriracha, soy sauce, olive oil, cilanto, white rice, peas


4oz Chicken

P: 33

F: 22.5

C: 34.2

CAL: 459

6oz Chicken

P: 44

F: 24

C: 34.7

CAL: 514

8oz Chicken

P: 55

F: 25.5

C: 35.2

CAL: 569