Bourbon Bacon Swiss Burger


This burger is unlike anything you have ever had before. Take one bite, close your eyes and you will feel like you are in the hills of Kentucky surrounded by the finest beef and an endless supply of top shelf bourbon. Our in-house sauce that is created smothers our fresh bacon and bourbon to be delicately poured over your juicy burger with melted Swiss cheese.



Simple ingredients: Beef, bacon, onion, stevia, bourbon, butter, Swiss cheese, Open Pit Brown sugar and BBQ sauce.


4 oz Beef

P: 46

F: 38.3

C: 4.9

CAL: 572

6 oz Beef

P: 57.5

F: 42.3

C: 4.9

CAL: 658

8 oz Beef

P: 69

F: 46.3

C: 4.9

CAL: 742