BBQ Shrimp and Rice Bowl

$10.99 $9.34

Feeling that seasonal depression and lack of vitamin D. Well, look no further… this dish brings so much flare and color your mood will brighten right away. Smothered in our BBQ sauce and freshly prepared vegetables make for a light but flavorful entree. Enjoy this paired with brown rice.



Simple ingredients: shrimp, bell pepper, scallions, corn, cilantro, avocado, BBQ sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, chilli powder, tabasco sauce, brown rice


4oz Shrimp

P: 17.4

F: 4.2

C: 26

CAL: 216

6oz Shrimp

P: 24.9

F: 4.7

C: 26.5

CAL: 256

8oz Shrimp

P: 32.4

F: 5.2

C: 27

CAL: 296