Asian Meatballs with Yum Yum Sauce


Asian inspired and perfectly executed, bringing you our Asian Meatballs. But we didn’t stop there. Served either on the side as a dipping sauce or drizzled over top is our homemade healthy Yum Yum sauce. If we weren’t known for our meatballs yet, we’re about to be. We hope you enjoy.



Simple ingredients: Beef, sausage, jasmine rice, broccoli, soy sauce, ginger, gluten free bread crumbs, light salt, pepper, Yum Yum sauce- Mayo, sour cream, honey, soy sauce, sirracha 


4oz Beef/Sausage 

P: 18

F: 10.6

C: 36.1

CAL: 309

6oz Beef/Sausage 

P: 24.7

F: 14

C: 36.1

CAL: 369

8oz Beef/Sausage 

P: 31.4

F: 17.4

C: 36.3

CAL: 430