We are so excited to bring you a workout that you can do at home with a milk jug or a dog food bag! During this crazy time, we have to get creative. Visionary Meals has partnered withAdam Atkinson to bring you a fantastic at-home workout for any fitness level! Even though the gyms may be closed, do not lose sight of your goals! Get up & move!

Adam has had a passion for fitness and bodybuilding since he was a child.  Adam and his dad, an avid lifter and fitness enthusiast, created their own home gym and his passion for lifting took off.  After lifting and bodybuilding as a hobby for many years he knew the next step was for him to turn his love of the sport into a career.

After training at the local YMCA for a short time, Adam became a certified personal trainer with ISSA.  As a personal trainer for 12 years and as his client base continued to grow, he realized that proper nutrition counseling and guidance was desired but lacking for many of his clients. To fill this void, Adam founded See You Later Leaner based in Columbus, Ohio

In an effort to provide the very best nutrition coaching possible Adam has become the “Diet Doc” of Columbus.  He works with all sorts of clients from bodybuilders to people looking to shed a few pounds and tone up.  He has trained and coached many competitive bodybuilders, figure, and physique clients and has had great success with many first place wins, overall finishes, and pro-card titles within numerous federations including NPC and IFBB. Adam’s true passion is helping other people make transformations they never dreamed were possible.


At Home Burner: do the following exercises for 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible. Use a milk jug or dog food bag as weight. 

  • 20 straight leg deadlifts with jug or 20 squats with dog food bag
  • 20 bent over rows
  • 10 lunges per leg
  • 10 overhead presses


Looking for fitness coaching? Contact Adam today!


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