About Us

Josh, the owner, was born and raised in Granville, Ohio. Josh attended Wittenberg University playing 4 years of college football, winning 3 NCAC Conference Championships. Josh graduated with bachelor degrees in Sociology specialized in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sports Management.

Meal prepping was always a lifestyle that Josh lived, but like so many others, struggled with finding the time and patience that a task like meal prepping requires. It wasn’t long into his college career where committing to this lifestyle became normalized. Due to his athletic career and love for fitness, he understood the importance of proper nutrition and became aware of the growing demand that there was for meal prepping. From what started as a few ideas and dreams, turned into a reality very fast.

As he sat down and began to plan this venture, he continually came back to how he could impact the community he calls home. Although the original mission was set out to provide locally grown products to individuals looking to live a healthier lifestyle, that wasn’t enough. Being aware of the astonishing number of individuals going hungry in their community, Josh and companions have set out to leave a positive footprint by providing healthy meals to individuals that may wake up day to day wondering where their next meal will come from. Through this mission, Visionary Meals plans to start a non-profit to be apart of the movement in making this place we call home better.

Visionary Meals is here because we understand the growing trend and the desire to eat healthy but also understand the fast pace society we live in simply isn’t slowing down. Here at Visionary Meals, you are our number one priority. That is why it is our mission to provide you with the best products possible. We go the extra mile to bring you locally grown and farm raised products to not only support our local farms, but to bring you the highest integrity product possible.

Every meal we ship is fresh and prepared with much love and care. We ship directly to any individual living in Central Ohio and also provide pick-up locations for added convenience and cost savings. At Visionary Meals, we understand the meaning of “on-the-go.” Why not grab your meals at the nearest pick-up location and have your shipping cost waived? It’s no secret that time is not slowing down. Everyday, you put in endless hours at work, family time gets more and more precious, goals start to feel more distant, and our health gets prioritized either somewhere over family or somewhere after work. Enough is enough! We at Visionary Meals are here to put your family back in first while your health and quality of life are not to be wavered.

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