Welcome to our blog! We are so excited to kick off 2020 with you! We hope you have had some time to reflect & recharge as a new chapter begins. We also hope that you set aside time to map out your goals & dreams for this year.

At Visionary Meals, we are more than a meal prep service, & our roots run deeper than providing healthy, delicious meals. We are visionaries, & we challenge you to be a visionary too.

"Vi.sion.ar.y- a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be; (especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future   with imagination or wisdom"

Does this sound like you? If so, great! If not, consider this your quest of 2020. As a company, we see a vision- a way to make your life more simple, a way to fuel your body the right way, a way to help you crush your goals. We have some pretty wild goals for this year, & we hope you set some too!

Need some goal setting help?

1- Write them down- this will increase your chances of follow-through astronomically!

2- Be passionate about what you set as a goal- when your heart & soul are on fire for something, quitting is not an option!

3- Tell your friends & family; get an accountability partner to help support you, mentor you & endure the struggle with you!

4- Commit. Do not be the majority who toss their goals by February, instead, chase what fires you up!

5- Listen to inspirational podcasts, read inspiring books or find a mentor to help keep your focus on your goals! Check out the Deliberately Linked podcast for some inspiring insight on mindset & goal setting.

This year, be a visionary. Make your life & this world a better place. Tap into your imagination & dream big! Whatever goals you set, we want to share that journey with you. Let us fuel your body so you can fuel your dreams.

Looking for insight, motivation, tips, recipes & so much more? Visit our blog every week for posts that will help you be the best you!

What goals have you set for 2020? Share below & let us be your accountability partner!



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